Sunday, March 28, 2010

Easy as ABC

I'm very excited to finally get this photographed and up on Etsy. It's been finished for weeks, but this working girl couldn't get a daylight photo for the longest time.

Let me tell you, it was pretty challenging trying to find Oklahoma animals for some of these letters, as you can probably tell by Unicorn caterpillar and foX. The most surprisingly difficult letter was N. Really. And then a friend unearthed internet evidence that newts do indeed live in Oklahoma. Yay newts!

If you are an Oklahoma retailer who'd like to carry this in your shop, please contact me ( for wholesale info. As always, it's right here in my Etsy shop. Up next is a more general, non-Oklahoma version for the masses, and then possibly an all-marine life version.

I originally made this for my two year old niece, Amelia, and I'm sending her one tomorrow. I hope you like it, babycakes.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

April First!

My MFA show is fast approaching! I'm really excited and can't wait to finish the new pieces I'll be showing. Two weeks from tonight, guys.

The official details:

"Urban Field Notes"
Gallery opening reception:
Thursday evening
April 1, 2010 — 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm

Gallery Exhibition:
April 1 to May 2, 2010 daily
10 am to 6 pm

688 Sutter Gallery, San Francisco

"Urban Field Notes" is a love song to the simple pleasures of city life. It's about cutting a clear path through the chaos of an urban environment, to arrive at a place where the city belongs only to you, the viewer.

Thirteen pieces are from "Downtown," my MFA thesis project and 2010 calendar, which will be for sale at the gallery. The exhibition also includes five brand new pieces that also explore the city theme.

All works are framed and matted archival giclee prints. Additional prints will be available for order.

See you there!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

The calendar price drop begins

Since it's now March (already?!), I've relisted my calendar at $18, down from $26. I've still got plenty, so if anyone's still in the market for one, here's your chance. Clicky!

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Une Petite Update

Hello, it's been too long. First the holidays, and then two months of feeling slightly adrift after graduation. And now it's springtime here in the Bay Area and I'm making big plans. More on that later.

First, I want to thank everyone who bought a calendar. For a while there, I was hiking to the post office with an armload two or three times a week. Awesome! Now, since it's nearly March and I haven't sold one in weeks, I think it's time for a price drop. I'm also going to start taking some apart and putting the individual prints (sans calendar grids) up on Etsy.

I definitely want to do another calendar this year, but there are several things I've learned from doing this one:
  • Make it smaller!
  • When deciding the size, have shipping envelope sizes in mind. Keep the size and weight within First Class postage regulations.
  • Print on lighter paper, and ask my printer to please not surprise me with an upgrade to 100# cover stock.
  • Have several other people proofread it so I don't end up with hilarious typos like February 34th. Ahem.
  • Or better yet, make it a perpetual calendar. Time-sensitivity issue solved.
I'll be exhibiting (and selling) framed giclee prints of each calendar month's artwork at my MFA show, which opens April 1st. But again, more on that later.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

At last

I am so late with this. Please forgive. I just wanted to show you a finished calendar, which arrived way back on Friday. And then it took a good three days to remember to get a daylight photo of one, and still it looks rather bluish with our north window light, but.. BUT. There it is.

They are luscious. And heavy. 1lb, 4oz. each, in fact. My wonderful printer surprised me with an upgrade to 100# paper, and when you multiply that by 250 calendars.. well, I can't even lift one box of 50 of these suckers. They have heft.

These calendars are special to me and I love that they feel special. They represent eight crazy months' worth of work, self-discovery, ideamaking, and as of last week, a Master's degree. Yeah! So thank you, calendar, for being my springboard to hopefully even more awesome stuff.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Win a framed print, help a rad org!

A quick note... A nice, big, framed print of September is on the auction block at the Bay Area Girls Rock Camp auction TONIGHT at Local 123 Cafe/Gallery here in Berkeley. There's a huge assortment of awesome stuff up for grabs that I can't wait to see. But best of all, you get to support a completely rad organization that helps girls do what was basically the dream of my teen years, which is START A BAND. And one of those bands, Poison Apple Pie, will be playing at the auction tonight. Hell yes! So come out, rock, and bid!

Friday, November 27, 2009

Hey hey, calendar for sale!


Could it be? I know it's Friday night, but this thing is DONE and I am ready to get it into your lovely homes. So it gives me great pleasure to direct you toward an actual Etsy listing for my 2010 calendar. Click it!

Here are the final month images that I sent to the printer last week. I went to a press check on Monday, and it is looking so good. Beyond excited over here.

Also in the shop are prints I made for Zinefest back in August. Better late than never?