Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Shop update!

It's my first shop update since I opened it in 2006. Can you believe it?

First, I've got some silkscreened prints. I have so loved learning to silkscreen, and you'd better bet I'll be in that lab until I graduate, cranking out more whenever I have the time.

"Crossed Lines" - 7 color silkscreen on medium weight cream Rives BFK. Inspired by the Mission District in San Francisco, kinda where we used to live, and where part of my heart will stay.

"Dear Prudence" - 9 color silkscreen on heavy weight cream Rives BFK. It's a fancy lady with peonies, faceted beads, and a bird wing.

Next up, ten -- count 'em TEN -- altered playing card paintings. I did a suit of playing cards (hearts of course) for a show at E2 Gallery in Eureka, California back in December. 7, 8, and the Queen sold at the show, and now the rest of the suit is up for grabs in my shop.

So there you have it!

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