Monday, August 24, 2009

The Zinefest Experience

I had a total blast at Zinefest. I sold a ton of prints, made some great contacts, and bought or traded for some really amazing stuff from my fellow exhibitors, including Jonas Madden-Connor, Geoff Vasile, and Sarah Oleksyk!

Sadly, I was hardly able to make it around the hall to do all the snooping/shopping I wanted. But there's always next year. And I will definitely be back next year.

I am so fascinated with zine-makers. They inspire me so much.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prints for sale at Zinefest

It's pretty much all Zinefest, all the time over here. My little kitchen table is covered in prints, cellophane bags, and various festive bits to make myself a banner. It's all very exciting.

Here's what I'm bringing!

Coffee Contraptions (8x10)

A Spork, a Fifth, and Some Weeds (8x10)

Employees of the Month (Cuddles, Sweetums, Precious, and Josh, 5x7)
There are 64 of these little buggers.

Crossed Lines (14.75 x 11.5)
Which you've seen before. Oh, the prints don't say ©jen oaks like you see here.

This is only my second time participating in anything ending in -fest or -show. I'm super excited. Bring me a coffee and say hi.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Finally, a site update

13 new pieces are finally up on my site. I also created new categories within Illustration: Surface, Children's, and Miscellaneous. My entire thesis is surface design, so expect that category to fill out considerably around December.

Included in the update is this poster I made in Silkscreen class back in April. It's not the real poster for this show, of course, but I love it anyway.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

El Travo Collabo

I finally submitted my contribution to El Travo Collabo last week. Here it is! It's titled "Sergeant Sprinkles Meets Corporal Punishment."

Read all about it and the rest of the rad Collabo over here.