Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Prints for sale at Zinefest

It's pretty much all Zinefest, all the time over here. My little kitchen table is covered in prints, cellophane bags, and various festive bits to make myself a banner. It's all very exciting.

Here's what I'm bringing!

Coffee Contraptions (8x10)

A Spork, a Fifth, and Some Weeds (8x10)

Employees of the Month (Cuddles, Sweetums, Precious, and Josh, 5x7)
There are 64 of these little buggers.

Crossed Lines (14.75 x 11.5)
Which you've seen before. Oh, the prints don't say ©jen oaks like you see here.

This is only my second time participating in anything ending in -fest or -show. I'm super excited. Bring me a coffee and say hi.

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