Sunday, September 27, 2009

Announcement! And Calendar sneak peek!

First up: I'm having my very own MFA show! Mark your calendars for March 4, 2010, at 688 Sutter Gallery in San Francisco. I'll be showing illustrations from my thesis project, plus a few additional goodies. There will also be a fun installation and even an animation to watch. I'm really excited!

I don't think I've even mentioned my thesis project here. It is a 2010 calendar with big, pretty illustrations of city life. It's light and fun and full of flowers, pigeons, vegetables, and power lines, just like my favorite pretty city, San Francisco. I'm calling it "Downtown" (yup, like the song). I'm nearly finished, so I thought it was time I gave the world a preview. My goal is to get this baby to the printer's and available for purchase by early November.

So, here are April and September, two months that are closest to being finished.

It'll be big, 12" x 20", because that's how I like my calendars. I've designed it with plenty of room to write, too, because even though we all use Google calendar and our smartphones by now, there is something really nice about writing an important date on The Calendar, and seeing it whenever you eat breakfast or talk on the phone. Don't you think?

I'm hoping to make it into Decor8's 2010 calendar roundup. Haven't submitted yet, but I'm close. Even if I don't make it in, this labor of love will be up in my etsy shop in time for gift giving season.

So there you go! Hooray! Now, back to work...