Tuesday, November 3, 2009

January, May, August

A little update: I do believe I've found the printing company who'll lovingly craft these calendars for me. This is definitely something to dance about, which is what I've been doing all day, in my desk chair, Wacom pen in hand. This is a pretty big step forward. One step closer to getting this thing into my shop, and onto your walls.

Now, where were we? Allow me to show you the three months I finished over the weekend.




Only March and December left to go. And they're very close.


Bethany said...

LOVE them Jen! Especially May...

creative holly said...

yes, may is money.

Early Bird Special said...

I am SO happy you found someone for the printing process! Super duper excited about this, and you know I'll be promoting the junk out of these gems.

Jenny ML Wantuch said...

Jen! These are so sweet and I love them!!