Sunday, February 28, 2010

Une Petite Update

Hello, it's been too long. First the holidays, and then two months of feeling slightly adrift after graduation. And now it's springtime here in the Bay Area and I'm making big plans. More on that later.

First, I want to thank everyone who bought a calendar. For a while there, I was hiking to the post office with an armload two or three times a week. Awesome! Now, since it's nearly March and I haven't sold one in weeks, I think it's time for a price drop. I'm also going to start taking some apart and putting the individual prints (sans calendar grids) up on Etsy.

I definitely want to do another calendar this year, but there are several things I've learned from doing this one:
  • Make it smaller!
  • When deciding the size, have shipping envelope sizes in mind. Keep the size and weight within First Class postage regulations.
  • Print on lighter paper, and ask my printer to please not surprise me with an upgrade to 100# cover stock.
  • Have several other people proofread it so I don't end up with hilarious typos like February 34th. Ahem.
  • Or better yet, make it a perpetual calendar. Time-sensitivity issue solved.
I'll be exhibiting (and selling) framed giclee prints of each calendar month's artwork at my MFA show, which opens April 1st. But again, more on that later.